Why Group Training: Group training offers the advantages of camaraderie of teammates to share the experience of training and hold you accountable for practice (ie it's funner to train with someone). Group Training also offers access to expert coaching and specialized workouts for your skill level at a lower cost than one on one coaching.

The club offers two types of adult group training for club members. Not member see membership.

Adult Beginner Group Training (Cost $320/session) -- Adult Beginner Group Training designed around the individual with no experience in triathlon looking to complete their first triathlon. This training is 8 weeks in length leading up to a local sprint triathlon. It is 4-6 hours of in-person training per week. Safety first! We’ll address the primary safety concerns around racing triathlons. Once we’re safe, we’ll cover the basics of swimming, cycling, running, transitions, and nutrition, as well as basic racing strategy. After your first 8-week session, we recommend transitioning to the adult group training to continue your triathlon journey.

Adult Group Training (Cost $160/month) -- Adult Group Training is our main adult group training offering. It is 5-10 hours of in-person training per week for athletes with some experience to those with years of experience.  We have multiple groups associated with this training for those looking to improve on a first sprint triathlon to those who looking to expand into Olympic or half Ironman distances triathlons.  Whether your goal is to achieve your personnel best or to stay health this program encourages measured progress. 

Safety is always the main concern. Once we’re training safely, this group will include personalized testing and interval training, swim/bike/run/transition specific technique and technical feedback on posture and movements. Training will also include heart rate and power specifics if the athlete has this equipment. All workouts for the week will be loaded into Training Peaks.  The coaching will also include a suggested race calendar (more/less races can be accommodated). Personalized race recommendations will be made based on areas each athlete would like to improve.  

Meeting schedule for in-person coaching:

Tuesday @ Kailua 5p

Thursday @ Ala Moana 5p

Saturday @ sunrise, location will vary but typically Kailua 

Questions: Contact Coach Ben Williams; ben@hitriscenter.com or 808-333-1151

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